Frequent slot machine players usually wonder how to win in those games, but experienced players wonder better how to do to maximize their winnings.

As for slots, these are just games of chance that have no skills involved and have no game methods that make them pay a little more. That’s why in order to maximize your winnings in slot machines you just have to focus on the bets you need and choose the best games to take advantage of all the advantages they can offer.

Low denomination vs high name

In games that have high denominations of coins, casinos offer the highest percentages of recovery. In the United States, the monthly statistics of the state game tables are published, the averages of the nation being seen in this way:

National averages have variations from one casino to another and between states; it all depends on what the marketing objectives and their competitiveness are. Then, in order to understand this situation, Mississippi and its percentages can be analyzed in October 2015 of amortization, which was published by the Mississippi State Games Commission.

There, casinos pay on video slot machines above what is paid nationally – both in cents and in five-cent games. However, a higher percentage is usually returned on slot machines that are of a greater denomination.

The games that have mechanical reels are usually slot machines with values โ€‹โ€‹of 25 cents or higher. Although these 50-cent and 25-cent games give almost equal profits in Mississippi, however, the 1-dollar and 25-cent games have a slightly narrower difference. In them you can see a pattern where $5 dollars are games that can pay more than 1 dollar, being the ones that pay the most games that are 25 cents.

Bet a lot

The highest recovery percentage can be obtained in almost all slots with three mechanical reels. All this if you make the maximum bets that are allowed by the game.

You must take into account the jump that takes disproportionately with the big prize. The recovery percentage could be the same if the rewards were proportional regardless of the number of coins you have a bet.

When you bet a third currency, which will bring you the consequence that the recovery percentage increases, although in the video slot machines, which are five reels, it is very different, there the reimbursements must be proportional with the coins you have bet on the line, that without making a pot jump that allows you to make the maximum bet.

Eligible to win

You can find an advantage if you bet on the pay lines, even though you do not get any incentive to bet on the table that has the payments with the maximum currencies you have per line.

This is because in a slot the symbols must fall into the line that is active, being that way eligible in the wheel spins, in the free pokies spins, the round to choose a symbol or in any event that is designed for the game.

In these machines, it is called buy to pay. With each coin wagered, you will unlock a group of symbols, as long as three 7 line up and the bet is only one coin, you will not win anything, let alone the biggest prize. This is what is called the loser spin. You should not play here if you cannot place the maximum bet, which is how you can maximize the payments.

In order for you to be eligible for jackpots, you must place a separate bet, especially on slots with progressive jackpots, which have two, four, three or many more progressive levels.

Sometimes you can find a button on the panel with which you can include all payment lines along with the jackpot. It is usually a large, oval or round button. It is so to be able to stand out from the other buttons that are square, which are used for the usual choices of pay lines to play and to bet coins per line.

Depending on the machine, the amount required to choose the jackpot will vary. It is not uncommon when you see bets of 20, 15 and 10 credits to achieve the highest prizes.

In games that have total bets of 30 credits, it means that you have bet 1 credit per payline, covering about 20 lines with the bet of 10 credits. On the other hand, if you bet 5 credits per line, you would be betting about 100 credits in regards to the main game, in regards to the game for the pot, it would be about 110 credits.

The main attraction in these games is progressive pots. If you make the return you can maximize the pot with the bet. But if you do not want to bet on the biggest prize, then it is recommended that you change the game and choose a different one.

School progressive

Some players set out to explore machines that have progressive pots to try to maximize profits. To achieve this, players will visit many casinos, taking notes of progressive pots at their starting points.

They will try to know when they are going to hit. To make these graphs, they must make frequent visits and many times they ask the assistants in the slot machines how much the jackpot that had just come out was.

These players usually play at the tables that are highly paid because the jackpot is very low and then they hardly bet. That way they will maximize the recovery percentage. But when the prize is significant it will not increase your chances of winning it, but it will increase the payment on average only when you win.

Like all methods of maximizing payments, you must keep your budget, never bet on others and then you cannot pay it. You should always choose the games that are within your budget.