Pollen Party Slot GameBuilt on the theme of honeycombed bees, pollen party is a wonderful game to spin. 5 reels and 20 pay lines with a tremendous amount of bonuses. Built by microgaming, this is truly an intuitive game with excellent graphics and rhyming melody to make players be immersed on the real pleasure of the game. You can win 110,000 coins and there is also a baby bee bonus that can further inflate your winnings and make you collect more prizes than you ever expected. Wilds are also offered to increase your winning probabilities and chances as a player of pollen party.

Understand the Pollen Party World

Bees are important creatures not only because they make honey but because they carry out cross pollination and make plants to produce. By doing so, it means they facilitate in food production and sustenance of other plants and animals. Its symbols represent the honey comb bee combinations and how they work to produce honey. The worker bees carry buckets of honey on the reels, there are bees that work to guard the honey produced, nurse bees are there to make sure all bees that work are in excellent condition and there is a queen bee who rules over all other bees. There are other icons like jars of honey and honey coated cereals for people to use when playing. Look at such a combination, you will enjoy playing the game if you understand the story behind the game.

Play to Win the Game

First make sure you match three symbols of the reels from left to right. There are a lot of prizes of to be won because this game is parked with prizes from the hive. The Game logo is the wild symbol and when it appears as you spin, you will substitute any symbol to make a winning combination. Bee on a flower is the scatter symbol and when they appear three of these, you will be rewarded a free spin. Normally, scatters occur after 12 spins that have several winning combination in them. When a flower occurs, you will see three wilds on the reels randomly and they will work to make you ensure you get the best winning combination. Look at these features and symbols and the way they symbolically work, it is a true indication that the game is thrilling. There is a Baby Bee option as well which has been marked ‘bonus’ and if you hit several of these, you will unlock the Pollen party gaming slot. This feature unfolds instant prizes and if you play well, you can win a lot from this game. Learn the symbols, practice and understand how to use them, you will truly enjoy because you will find the game easy to play.

Make Friends with Bees

Bees are known to sting but things are different on Pollen Party game because the bees are there to only give you honey and make friendship. It’s a different world isn’t it? You will see the various calibers of bees each playing its role to keep the hive alive and strong and you know what, you will become part of that culture as well. It’s a hierarchy where every bee group is assigned roles to play to keep the union strong and as a player you will become part of them.  The various caliber of bees are made in a comic way to make you enjoy the excellent graphical appearance. The wonderful melody that comes with game is also a source of entertainment because it makes you feel you are in a different world living with bees that don’t sting.

Pollen Party Game in Action

As you play the game, you will need to make four, five or three identical combinations to win the game. From the left reel, all symbols must be the same for you to win the game and enjoy your rewards. 5 reels and 720 ways to win are featured on the game making you to stand high chances of winning and scooping maximum amount of rewards. The dancing bee will trigger a scatter bonus which when it lands on three symbols, you will have free spins. Game Logo represents a wild and you can replace any symbol to make a three symbol win combination. A baby bee drinking from a bottle represents a bonus symbol and you can click it to win a real bonus. It is a game full of amusements and if you learn how to perfectly use its symbols, you will truly have a lot of fun.


The Pollen Party slot game is really wonderful and you can enjoy playing it a lot or with friends. Its amazing hive graphics, wonderful sound and a perfect flow makes it a very addictive game. It is a five reel game with 720 ways to win making it an amazing game with limitless of options to win. The bonuses, wild symbols and scatters are represented by different kind of symbols and you need to understand these symbols if you want to enjoy this game perfectly. You can play it on any device as long as it has a perfect screen and software requirements to support the visuals. Bonuses and excellent payouts are available to make you enjoy the rewards of every win you make on pollen party slot game.